Thursday, December 5, 2019

Verdict in favor of Ducks

Verdict in favour of Ducks 
People go to the court against people for justice over disputes. Justices hear cases and deliver verdicts sometimes against the accused and sometimes in favour. We have heard excellent and clever verdicts. But some are hilarious,and some are abominable.
In such a context, recently a french court had given a wonderful verdict in favor of ducks.
People of a small town in France called "Dacks" had gone to courts seeking a relief for a deafening noise made by the ducks in a farm telling it a headache for them. They had asked the court to make an order to stop  the noise soon.The people who filed the case were a group the had migrated to country from the city. They had told the court that their sleep was often interrupted by the noise.
Despite the demand, the court  had told that the ducks should be given freedom to live further in the nature making their noise because they were living in their natural countryside surrounding. The owner of the farm had told that she had been very happy over the verdict.
"Noice and sound are life" she had told. "The life in the village is unpleasant without the sound of these animals and because of this decision the animals have been given their life back " she had further said smiling.
(Source Times Now )

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