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Sunday, November 29, 2015




What do you prefer warm water or cold water?Is it the personal choice that determine which is better?When you are in cool climate,may be you prefer warm  water.But when you are in hot climate you may long for cool water.When we lose water from our bodies through various ways,such as passing urine,sweating, vomiting and etc, we want to replenish them with water.If not, we will be dehydrated. Therefore what is, in fact ,more important is hydration,not the choice between warm or cold.But both warm and cold water have their own good and bad health benefits.


On some occasions drinking cold water can bring you instant relief. Cold water here I don't mean ice cold water.But somewhat cold,  potable water that don't harm your teeth and mild tissues of your mouth and tongue.When you work outside on a hot day and when you do your exercises, your body get heated. That means your body temperature rises. The mechanism used to cool down your body is sweating. Sweating is somewhat embarrassing. If you drink some cold water, it would be a big help for your body to come back to normal temperature soon.
On the other hand, drinking cold water while and after eating cannot be considered favorable for you digestive process, although it gives the drinker a refreshing sensation. Digestion and absorption function well in body temperature. When the system and the eaten food are cooled by the drunk cold water,the body has to use much energy to bring them back to required temperature. This condition may be unfavorable. 


Doctors always advise to drink water that is boiled and cooled.Cooled water here means cooled to the room temperature or a bit higher than that. This advice of doctors is great and a big help
for those who concerned about good health.Boiling water can eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungi and other microbes which cause diseases.The next point is that when you drink warm water,that warmth can activate your digestive system which in turn improves your digestion and absorption. Isn't it good for your health.Thirdly when you have headache,phlegm or cold, drinking warm water can act as a natural pain killer and an expectorant.It relieves nasal congestion, expel phlegm, kills pain.It is the general opinion that drinking warm water stops premature aging , eases the difficulty in passing out waste matter (constipation) and reduces excessive fat.
On the hand drinking too hot water is not good for your teeth, and it may damage the soft tissues of your mouth and esophagus, so be careful and manage the temperature of  your drinking water. Therefore it is up to you to decide which is better for you.My objective in posting this is to arouse your curiosity regarding what is best for you and for your health.The best answers for your health problems should be obtained from your medical doctor.


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