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Friday, August 28, 2015




People very rarely think why they have eyes,what science is there to know, should they deliberately protect their eyes, how should they protect their eyes,they have a good eye sight or it is weak, who should decide if their eye sight is good or bad,what safety measures should be taken to protect their eyes,should they always  make-up to beautify their eyes.But rather than thinking about their eyes,they use them since birth without care and without rest.There eyes are opened only when something terrible happened.Only a handful of educated and intelligent people are deliberately careful of them. It is a pathetic situation.


What is the meaning of our life if we don't have eyes that can see with? Can we distinguish light from darkness? Can we see each other-our dears and nears?  Can we see the colorful world and its natural beauty? Think a little ,how lucky the man is! Having a good eye sight is a merit you have accumulated in the previous birth.some people can't see at all,they are blind.some can see a little. Their eye sight is weak.Some are color blind,they can't see colors like red and blue.Why?? Why some can and some can't ?There should be a reason.The reason according to Buddhism is Karma.  that is the universal truth "good begets good and bad begets bad". 
Eyes are the organs with which we see light,shapes colors and movements. They send what they see to the brain as electro chemical signals through optical nerve for processing, so the brain knows what is near and far to you and what is happening around you.
Thus we are gifted with eyes to see the world, to understand good and bad of it, to protect yourself and others,to be happy by looking at beautiful things.therefore we should use them for good and not for bad.


Your eyes are a vital part of your body. Your eyes are as vital as your heart and brain.They should be kept healthy. Don't be ignorant and negligent of the health of your eyes. You alone can't decide if you see your best.You should consult your  eye doctor (ophthalmologist). Following are some eye health tips given by doctors that you should keep in your mind.

 1. Present yourself for an eye test.Let your ophthalmologist decide if you have a good eye sight.
 2. Better to know the eye health history of your family. some eye problems come down to you from        your past family members.
 3.  Have nutritious  food containing vitamin A and C and fish containing omega 3 fatty acid.
    colorful fruits,vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes,spinach,brownrice,chickenliver,beef,eggs,and     buttermilk) 
 4. If you are over weight and obese that condition may lead to diabetes.Such patient are more                  prone to glaucoma ( vision loss )     Therefore better maintain your body weight.
 5. Use protective eye ware when at hard work like carpentry,masonry, welding and  building                  industry.
 6. Stop smoking, doctors say that it may be a good cause to cataract.
 7.  Protect your eyes from ultra violet rays .Wear shaded glasses as suitable.
 8. If you work long hours looking at things like computers give your eyes a rest.
 9. Wash your hands and your contact lenses before waring them.
10. Don't put anything into your eyes like drops at your discretion without the advice of your  doctor. 


Following are the common eye shapes introduced by beauticians.If you make up your eyes, lashes and lids ,it is good to know the shape of your eyes.check and see if they are correct.

  1. Monolid eyes (if eye lid does not have a crease )
  2. Up turned eyes
  3. Down turned eyes
  4. Hooded eye (crease hidden when wide open)
  5. Round eyes (common type )
  6. Almond eyes (common type)
  7. Close set eyes
  8. Wide set eyes
  9. Deep set eyes
  10. Protruding eyes
  11. Small eyes
  12. Large eyes

Following are some secrets expressed by eyes as believed by people in most eastern countries.But they are not tested and proved.Just go through them and enjoy reading.

1. If a lady has deep set eyes she is said to be rude and cruel.If such a ladies' eyes are red she is even       compelled to harm her husband for her sake.
2. If the baby of the eye of a lady is bright black and the corners of her eyes are red she is considered     to be very lucky and she is destined to have a kind husband
3.She who has criss-cross hair on eye lash is believed to have mean thoughts and lives lonely and          sadly.
4.If a ladies'eyes are blue, she is very much loved by his husband,she is very lucky and she lives very     happily.
5.If a lady has up-turned eyes she always tries to over power others and always tries to pursue her          own ideas only.
6.If a lady has black scars around her eyes she gets every luxury but she always weeps in mind for no    reasons.
7.If a woman has narrow eyes she is always sociable and well accepted in the society.She becomes        popular in aesthetic activities. She has a modal character. She is  destined to have a noble and              respectable husband.
8.She who has round eyes  is more emotional than wise.
9.If the red veins are visible in the eye of a lady , she is said to be living under mental pressure.She        tends to get her married life messed. The society despises her.
10. If a ladies' eyes become small when she smiles , she considered to be selfish and she has hidden           secrets. She is skillful in cheating others and she is clever in leaning various disciplines.

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