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Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Does an egg a day keep the doctor away?

Do you eat eggs in your diet? What is your idea about eating eggs? Do you think that eating eggs brings you health benefits? What nutrients do they contain ? It is not bad to know these things for your knowledge, as eggs are a popular food item throughout the world.
Though eggs are laid by female animals of birds like hens and fish and reptiles, not every kind of egg is eaten.The most popular and edible are the chicken eggs and duck's. Here I am talking about chicken eggs. Some like to eat chicken eggs and some refuses to eat because of religious reasons.How ever if there are people who have not tasted a delicacy prepared of eggs, it should be a very few people in this world.

Usually the eggs are of two colors. White eggs and brown eggs. Some prefer brown to white.
But color has nothing to do with nutrition.Whether white or brown eggs contain a lot of nutrients. some of them are protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. It contain a lot of energy.That is about 150 kilo calories in per hundred grammes of boiled whole chicken egg. Eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids that is needed for normal metabolism.


What  we see inside an egg as the clear liquid is called the egg white.Some call it albumin.Ninety
present of the egg white of a chicken egg contain water.Some other nutrients are dissolved in it.They are protein, some minerals,vitamins and glucose.It contains no fats. The carbohydrate content is very low and may be less than 1%.  Egg white is free of cholesterol , and contains energy of about 15 calories.You can separate egg white from yolk after boiling. Therefore eating egg white brings you a lot of nutrients and will not raise up the level of your bad cholesterol.


Usually the yolk of a chicken egg is yellow in color.It is in the center of the egg and surrounded
by the egg white.It is rich in protein, vitamin and minerals. Fats and cholesterol are also there in egg yolk. It contain a lot of energy too. It is about 315 kilo calories in one hundred grams of egg yolk. The people who are concerned of cholesterol should think twice whether they eat the yolk.You can separate egg yolk from egg white before and after boiling the egg. you should eat egg yolk considering your age and the doctors advice on your cholesterol level.

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