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Monday, September 12, 2016

Potentiality Unawareness-A Barrier for Self Development

Human beings are endowed with various intrinsic potentialities. Some acquire abilities through sheer hard work and keep them up with  continuous practice and effort. Intrinsic potentialities are what people born and inherited with. They are with them till they die and transfer  them to the next generation through offspring. But how many are aware of their abilities. Almost all the people go through their life without understanding the full range of their inherited powers. Instead they touch everything that they are not clever at. We see a society with people who are engaged in complete irrelevant  jobs unaware of what they capable of doing. People who are clever at cookery cleaning the hotel and cleaners trying to cook. Potentialities inherited could be developed by the possessor through a continuous dialogue within himself and the external environment. Unawareness of potentialities may lead to complete failure of one’s life efforts and non recognition by the society obstructing self development.

 Cockroaches that are fallen into kitchen sinks move round and round inside the kitchen sink to get out of it. They try that way many hours till they get exhausted and finally die. They have the potential to fly. But they never seem to be thinking to free themselves from the danger by flying out of it. This reminds us of that having intrinsic potentials is not enough, they should be evoked kindled and used. Potentials are there  within people but they are rarely evoked never used. How much developed are the education systems in certain countries to recognize these intrinsic potentialities in school going children?

The leader of the flock of birds that caught in the hunters net was aware of the potential of the individual bird and advised them to work as a group  to escape from the danger. They did as the leader advised  and flew together with the net into the sky with the net. When they were flying exactly over a tree they made a down flight and let the net entangle in the tree. Thus they all were able to get rid from the danger. Had the leader been unaware of the potentials of the birds, what would have happened to the birds. Therefore what is more  important is being aware of your potentials and evoke and use them for self development. Never think “I can’t”, “It is impossible”, “useless trying” These mental cataracts would impair your vision of possibilities

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