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Sunday, May 8, 2016



Do you eat fish ? If you eat ,what do you prefer, is it small fish or big fish and why ?By eating fish what do you hope to get into your body.Is it nutrition or just eating satisfaction? In my country a lot of people eat fish. But it seems that most of them prefer big fish to small fish.For example If I bring small fish home, face of my wife goes sour. when I asked why, she said that she didn't like small fish because she had to do a lot of things to prepare it for cooking like removing scales, fins,gills,intestines of the fish and she said that it was time consuming and that couldn't be done with the  busy schedule of preparing for official duties and attending kids.Therefore she always insists on buying cut pieces of big fish that can be prepared for cooking very easily in no time .She further said that she knew the nutritional value of small fish.In such situations  as a beloved father I take the the business into my hands on behalf my child.


Though  I am presently  living in the city of my country I am a villager.I have seen a lot of fishmongers selling fish in boxes on their bikes in the village.Mostly they sell small fish. one day I asked one of them why he sells small fish only and is it because he knows the nutritional value of it.He said that he sold small fish because poor village housewives cant afford for big fish.According to him most of the village women don't know the nutritional value of it.He admitted that he himself didn't know the nutritional value and his only purpose was to earn a living by selling fish.


From these two stories I want to tell you that most of the people  haven't properly realized the   nutritional value of small fish. Small fish has a lot of micro nutrients that big fish doesn't have.Sprats, salmons, sardines and herrings are some of the small fish that we can buy in the market.They contain vitamin A,  iron, zinc, calcium, omega-3 fatty acid
they can be eaten whole with bones. When you eat small fish with bones you can get more calcium than when you eat big fish. Omega-3 fatty acid, as you know has the ability to lower the unhealthy cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. So make it a habit to eat small fish to get more nutrients while eating big fish for your eating pleasure.

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