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 I am Ginigaddarage Sisira Chandraratna from Sri Lanka.I am fifty four. I am a person lived in a remote village in my country.My father was a school principal and had ten kids to feed for and with an unbearable burden he and my mother brought us up and I am the fourth member of that family. I got my basic education from village school and got through my ordinary and advanced levels there.The two chances I had to become a graduate and a lawyer had to be discarded because of  the poor financial situation of my family.I did some odd jobs to raise financial status of my family as a youth before being selected through an examination to work as a teacher. I started my carrier as an English language teacher and presently I am working in a boys' school in the capital city of my country, Colombo. And for my educational consolation I got my Diploma in Advance English for Academic and Administrative Purposes From Colombo University,the main university of my country.I have more than thirty five years of experience in teaching English as a second language. My wife is also a teacher and we have a daughter learning in a leading girls' school in Colombo.The nine siblings I have are all well educated and doing well in their carriers for the country. I am an ardent follower and explorer of truth and reality. I want to make people free from the darkness of ignorance and stupidity and uncertainty. I want to guide people on the middle path shedding two extremes.I want to help people shed hatred, jealousy, and envy. I also want to help people to get rid of evil forces that hinder the excellence of their good humane qualities like generosity,honesty, patience,equanimity and loving kindness.