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 One day an old professor after a day's strenuous  work returned home in the evening. He was warmly welcome by the wife and she quickly made the dinner. They both sat down to enjoy it. Just after a while suddenly the power failed.
"Oh dear, again this light..
I hate  this electricity fellows",the wife cried !
"Don't worry darling,wait , I'll light some candles" the professor consoled the wife.
So in the light of the candles they began enjoying the dinner again.
It's being summer,the wife felt warmth and said
"Isn't it hot darling"
The professor being sympathetic said
"Don't worry honey. Wait ! I'll switch on the fan"
"Thank you, but don't
The candles will put out,The wife replied.


Banda was a village lad working in the household of old Mrs.Roslin.He was a total idiot.One day Mrs. Roslin sent him for a twenty five kilogram bag of rice and fellow came back, carrying it on his head.On the way, the bag of rice had torn,falling everything all along the road.Having seen the incident and got angry, Mrs. Roslin cried "Oh Banda you fool what did you do! My money! Why didn't you hire at least a hand -cart to bring the bag of rice? As Banda apologized for the mistake and promised not to repeat such things again and she being sympathetic, Mrs. Roslin furthered him as her servant,tolerating the loss.

Next day, Mrs. Roslin sent him to bring a kilogram of lentil and this time he bought it safely in a cart he had hired,forcing Mrs.Roslin to pay the the fee for the hire.