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Friday, July 8, 2016

Trees as Protectors, Cleaners, Purifiers, and Life Givers

Do we need trees

It would be a timely discussion amidst the frequently occurring natural disasters in many parts of the world that the services rendered by the flora in the natural forest areas of the earth crust and the manually grown trees to minimize dangerous effects of natural disasters and the disasters caused by the inconsiderate activities of man are very important and invaluable.Flood, landslide, high tide, drought, sea erosion affect severely on the human life. Natural disasters threaten the economy of a country forcing long term and short term bad effects on the life conditions of the people of it. 
A country that has faced a natural disaster has to spend billions and billions of money to repair the damage and devastation and to rehabilitate the people of it. Although the tragedies of losing lives of innocent people which would be felt by their nears and dears for a life time would never be repaired, studies show that we can reduce this huge sum of money by 75%, if take strategical steps in advance.To do this, we have to consider inter relation of natural disasters, disasters caused by people and functions of trees done to minimize these disasters. 
How can we get the maximum advantage of trees to reduce above mentioned cost and risk of lives. For this, people should be aware of the benefits given by natural flora and the flora grown by people. Trees can do wonderful favorable things to the environment, rather than beautifying it.
1. Trees purify the air we breath in.Who pollutes the air? Is it the nature ? Who takes the natural gasoline out from the earth core and burn it in vehicles and factories emitting poisonous air unsuitable to breath in? Trees do an invaluable service to rectify this grave mistake.

2. Trees secure potable water in the land. Cleaning forest area for many things reduces the amount of potable water. When the scorching sun hits hardly on the ground evaporating every drop what comes to safe guard the potable water giving shade to the heated crust ?

3. It is true that we use water to generate electricity and for agriculture.If it is not by the trees, who and what secures the volume of water for these purposes. 

4. There is a big hullabaloo that chemical fertilizer used in agriculture brings people health hazards. Did ancient people use chemical fertilizer for cultivation. What did they eat ? How did they grow their crops ? The natural falling down of leaves and twigs of trees and when they decayed fulfilled the need of manure in the past. If we use this compost we can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer. It may reduce the health hazards which is also a disaster created by man

5. Trees retain the rain. Trees are an essential part of the water cycle. How many  common people know that there is a phenomenon called water cycle. How many know that trees contribute to it. Ignorance may bring us bad luck. Education and religion have a hand in eliminating ignorance.

6. Why do rivers,reservoirs, water streams, and lakes overflow even in a little rain ? Why do bottoms of them get filled with silt. When the bottoms of them get filled with silt they overflow easily. What takes the silt into the water ways. It is the rain.If there is a good coverage of the leaves of trees over the earth crust the rain drops wouldn't hit the ground directly and it reduces rate of washing away of the soil with the rain water. It would then minimize silt sedimentation.

7. Trees are a wind breaker. It reduces the impact of fast moving wind on the residential areas. and the rooting system of trees also give a big contribution against land slide.

8. In warm countries we use air conditioners to make the environment cool.If we grow trees strategically around we can reduce the need of air conditioners, it reduces the emission of gases that harm the existence of ozone layer. 

We all know know the benefits of trees. We behave as we don't know. We still cut down trees carelessly and unnecessarily. Deliberate setting of fire still happens. people should understand the danger of devastating trees and forests. Knowledgeable people should make others aware of the benefits of trees and the danger of devastating them. What we should do is not to beg the unknown powers to protect us,when the danger hits on our heads but to make use our knowledge to protect trees and forests. Let's plant more and more trees and protect the world for the future generation.