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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MILK AND ITS IMPORTANCE,how milk is produced,nutritional value of milk,


Are you the one who did not suck and taste milk as an infant from your mother? Can you find one such person in this world for me? What gave you the initial immune power that protected you from the risk of many diseases,just after you came into this world.What is the first nutrition given to human babies and other mammalian kids by their mothers when they were born to this world. Why do almost all the countries produce million and million tons of milk and milk products like cream,butter cheese yogurt, curd, and ice-cream? Why does almost every country rear cows goats and buffaloes in farms. The answer for all these is MILK , its nutrition, its importance and its value as a commodity. Milk is so important for the life of people ,that it has become as importance as air and water without which we can't live in this world today.


Milk is produced only in the mammary glands of mammals.These mammary glands are in the breasts of female humans and in the udders of other animals like cows, goats and buffaloes. When female mammals are pregnant these mammary glands get ready to produce milk.After delivering the babies lactation occurs in these glands.Primarily the milk produced in mammary
glands is for the feeding of offspring whom the mothers are going to give birth to.When offspring wean, the lactation stops and mammary glands turn normal and breasts also become normal to the pubertal state.


Normally milk contain protein,lactose sugar,fat and minerals.The amount differs from mammal to mammal.Lactation of milk, just prior to and after the delivery of babies, contain colostrum.It has a especial value than in normal milk.Usually colostrum is yellow compared to normal milk. The especiality in colostrum is that it carries mother's antibodies to protect the new born babies from diseases.Therefore mothers should not miss feeding it to their babies.

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