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Monday, November 7, 2016

Crocodile Tears

Crocodile tears

We shed tears when we have an unbearable sorrow and pain in our hearts and in the body.That sorrow or pain comes from the bottom of our hearts.In such cases, the tears shed are true tears.It shows your true consciences.But crocodile tears are not such true tears.It shows the superficial sympathy towards others in distress.It is false, fake and insincere.

  In my country, when people died the close relations wept at the funeral house in front of the coffin unable to bear the sorrow. When people visited the funeral house to pay the last respect for the deceased, one could hear more weeping of the relatives. More weeping and lamenting was a mirror that reflected how much of love and affection they  had had towards the deceased. If lamenting and weeping were not to be seen it reflected otherwise. This type of situation prevailed in my country about half a century ago especially among poor people. But educated wealthy people did not weep as poor people did. Instead , there  went the rumor that they hired weeping groups that were not relatives and advised them what to utter while weeping. So they shed tears uttering sorrowful laments, got their wages and went.but tears shed were not true tears but crocodile tears.

It is the ancient belief that crocodiles shed tears while eating their pray because of the sympathy towards the victim.That is how the term "crocodile tears" came into being.The victim might be a man or an animal.The ancient people might have seen crocodiles shed tears while eating.So they might have been compelled to believe it so.
 But what actually happens is that the secretion of tears in the eyes of crocodiles is triggered by eating.It is spontaneous and natural.So when they eat, tears begin to flow.On the other hand,we all know that crocodiles are amphibians.when they get on to land and when they have been out of water for a considerable time, their eyes tend to dry out.To keep their eyes wet, tears automatically secret. Misunderstanding these two ,ancient people might have thought that crocodiles shed tears being sympathetic towards their victims while eating  the same.
It is very difficult to differentiate between these two even today.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Potentiality Unawareness-A Barrier for Self Development

Human beings are endowed with various intrinsic potentialities. Some acquire abilities through sheer hard work and keep them up with  continuous practice and effort. Intrinsic potentialities are what people born and inherited with. They are with them till they die and transfer  them to the next generation through offspring. But how many are aware of their abilities. Almost all the people go through their life without understanding the full range of their inherited powers. Instead they touch everything that they are not clever at. We see a society with people who are engaged in complete irrelevant  jobs unaware of what they capable of doing. People who are clever at cookery cleaning the hotel and cleaners trying to cook. Potentialities inherited could be developed by the possessor through a continuous dialogue within himself and the external environment. Unawareness of potentialities may lead to complete failure of one’s life efforts and non recognition by the society obstructing self development.

 Cockroaches that are fallen into kitchen sinks move round and round inside the kitchen sink to get out of it. They try that way many hours till they get exhausted and finally die. They have the potential to fly. But they never seem to be thinking to free themselves from the danger by flying out of it. This reminds us of that having intrinsic potentials is not enough, they should be evoked kindled and used. Potentials are there  within people but they are rarely evoked never used. How much developed are the education systems in certain countries to recognize these intrinsic potentialities in school going children?

The leader of the flock of birds that caught in the hunters net was aware of the potential of the individual bird and advised them to work as a group  to escape from the danger. They did as the leader advised  and flew together with the net into the sky with the net. When they were flying exactly over a tree they made a down flight and let the net entangle in the tree. Thus they all were able to get rid from the danger. Had the leader been unaware of the potentials of the birds, what would have happened to the birds. Therefore what is more  important is being aware of your potentials and evoke and use them for self development. Never think “I can’t”, “It is impossible”, “useless trying” These mental cataracts would impair your vision of possibilities

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Harmony at home for family development

Harmony at home - crucial for family development

Harmony at home is a crucial factor if the members of the family wish its development collectively and individually. If the purpose of the family unit is to reproduce, bring up, educate, share and care the off springs, nothing of these could be successful if it loses harmony within. If the home life is a troubled or confused one, in consequence the same would be reflected in the work he does. No self or family development is possible if there is discord and disharmony at home. Harmony between father and mother, parents and off springs and among siblings should prevail in abundance for the development of the family.

Misconception or misunderstanding, lack of communication, forgetting and negligence of individual responsibilities towards each other, selfishness, lack of patience and lack of love are some of the causes for the discord and disharmony at home. Everybody in the family should be aware of his or her duties and responsibilities towards the other. Even Little children should be assigned some of the suitable responsibilities of the family. Expenditures should be according to the revenue. What is expected from one should not be beyond his capacity. In male dominated societies, attempt to reverse the position from father to mother would result in discord and disharmony in the family.

When there is no harmony in the family, in spite of the development, one can see the deterioration in the every aspect of the family. Frequent quarreling between husband and wife, hindrance to children’s education , scattered family situation, children becoming victims of  the bad society, getting addicted to drugs and alcohol by father and male children of the family, prostitution are some of the bad consequences of the discord and disharmony of the family.

When husband respect the rights of wife and children of the family and when he understands and fulfils his responsibilities for them and when wife also does her part understanding and respecting rights of others in the family, happiness begins to prevail. Children will be happy and they will continue their education successfully and their future will be secured. When there is peace in the family, they have good chance of doing their businesses and their jobs well and thereby their revenues also will increase. When the harmony prevails in the family, the mental and physical health of the members of the family will become favorable. Therefore in conclusion, if a family wishes its development all the members should act in a way that preserve the harmony and peace of it.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Self improvement endeavor – need or waste of time

Self improvement endeavor – need or waste of time 

One can improve oneself amassing materials. Or one can improve oneself developing spirituality. Out of these two what we see most people running behind is material development. It seems that spiritualism is not followed as much as materialism. But are these two the true self improvement? The person who goes behind materials satisfying the sensual life forgetting spiritual life could be an extremist. And on the other hand the person who always pursue spiritualism and behave according its way of life also could be an extremist. Both these two are needed in moderate amounts for one’s self improvement. Extremism should be discarded.

What do you think is the purpose of your  life.  What does the world, society, and your family   expect from you. What are your responsibilities as a human born to this world, as a citizen of your country, as a son or daughter or as a parent ? Is it just while away time eating drinking enjoying spending the fortune inherited to you by your parents satisfying sensual life or live seclusion thinking impermanence of life Have you given a thought to these?  Your, self improvement would not be complete if you turn a deaf ear to these.

If you wish self improvement, you should know the position where you are. For that a comprehensive understanding of your mind is necessary. Because the essence of self improvement is knowledge of oneself. If you don’t know your position between the above mentioned two extremes adjusting yourself in the correct position would be very difficult. And the exercise of probing deeply into the unknown and confused world is not only  the most difficult  thing to acquire but also most inconvenient.

If you want to understand your mind you want to study your deeds words, feelings and emotions  over a considerable period of time. Evaluate them shedding  two extremes  truly, honestly and unbiased. See if they are close to extremes. See weather they are positive or negative. If your mental power is weak for the evaluation you can refer the matter to a knowledgeable person that you trust. Once you get to know your position, you can adjust yourself in the middle path shedding two extremes. Try to avoid pessimism, optimism and extremism. Follow truth and realism.

When you proceed in the middle path you will see the change in your life. You  will see the  change in the attitudes of others towards you. The family, society, and the world will trust, value and follow you. You will get the mental and physical power to do your part to the world. Good begets good bad begets bad is not merely a saying. We should not forget that unbelievable,  unknown, great power is hovering over us controlling every thing in the universe. If you are improved, the god  will satisfy that you are fulfilling the responsibilities that he sent you for.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Trees as Protectors, Cleaners, Purifiers, and Life Givers

Do we need trees

It would be a timely discussion amidst the frequently occurring natural disasters in many parts of the world that the services rendered by the flora in the natural forest areas of the earth crust and the manually grown trees to minimize dangerous effects of natural disasters and the disasters caused by the inconsiderate activities of man are very important and invaluable.Flood, landslide, high tide, drought, sea erosion affect severely on the human life. Natural disasters threaten the economy of a country forcing long term and short term bad effects on the life conditions of the people of it. 
A country that has faced a natural disaster has to spend billions and billions of money to repair the damage and devastation and to rehabilitate the people of it. Although the tragedies of losing lives of innocent people which would be felt by their nears and dears for a life time would never be repaired, studies show that we can reduce this huge sum of money by 75%, if take strategical steps in advance.To do this, we have to consider inter relation of natural disasters, disasters caused by people and functions of trees done to minimize these disasters. 
How can we get the maximum advantage of trees to reduce above mentioned cost and risk of lives. For this, people should be aware of the benefits given by natural flora and the flora grown by people. Trees can do wonderful favorable things to the environment, rather than beautifying it.
1. Trees purify the air we breath in.Who pollutes the air? Is it the nature ? Who takes the natural gasoline out from the earth core and burn it in vehicles and factories emitting poisonous air unsuitable to breath in? Trees do an invaluable service to rectify this grave mistake.

2. Trees secure potable water in the land. Cleaning forest area for many things reduces the amount of potable water. When the scorching sun hits hardly on the ground evaporating every drop what comes to safe guard the potable water giving shade to the heated crust ?

3. It is true that we use water to generate electricity and for agriculture.If it is not by the trees, who and what secures the volume of water for these purposes. 

4. There is a big hullabaloo that chemical fertilizer used in agriculture brings people health hazards. Did ancient people use chemical fertilizer for cultivation. What did they eat ? How did they grow their crops ? The natural falling down of leaves and twigs of trees and when they decayed fulfilled the need of manure in the past. If we use this compost we can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer. It may reduce the health hazards which is also a disaster created by man

5. Trees retain the rain. Trees are an essential part of the water cycle. How many  common people know that there is a phenomenon called water cycle. How many know that trees contribute to it. Ignorance may bring us bad luck. Education and religion have a hand in eliminating ignorance.

6. Why do rivers,reservoirs, water streams, and lakes overflow even in a little rain ? Why do bottoms of them get filled with silt. When the bottoms of them get filled with silt they overflow easily. What takes the silt into the water ways. It is the rain.If there is a good coverage of the leaves of trees over the earth crust the rain drops wouldn't hit the ground directly and it reduces rate of washing away of the soil with the rain water. It would then minimize silt sedimentation.

7. Trees are a wind breaker. It reduces the impact of fast moving wind on the residential areas. and the rooting system of trees also give a big contribution against land slide.

8. In warm countries we use air conditioners to make the environment cool.If we grow trees strategically around we can reduce the need of air conditioners, it reduces the emission of gases that harm the existence of ozone layer. 

We all know know the benefits of trees. We behave as we don't know. We still cut down trees carelessly and unnecessarily. Deliberate setting of fire still happens. people should understand the danger of devastating trees and forests. Knowledgeable people should make others aware of the benefits of trees and the danger of devastating them. What we should do is not to beg the unknown powers to protect us,when the danger hits on our heads but to make use our knowledge to protect trees and forests. Let's plant more and more trees and protect the world for the future generation.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dotage at elders home

Spending dotage at elders  home

A human passes through many important stages within  his or her life span.Infancy,childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and dotage.This each stage has its own unique characteristics,needs,
duties and responsibilities. Infancy and dotage have, in a particular way, some similar characteristics. On these two stages they have more needs than responsibilities and duties.Some say  that at dotage a man again becomes an infant. Dotage is  the period of very old age where a human is less able to remember and do things.This is the period where a man excepts the world more help, more love, more kindness, more care and more sympathy.
But the pathetic situation and the reality is that at dotage most of the old mothers and fathers of the world become destitute , unattended and solitude.In the third world countries like mine and yours, although there are handful of situations where old people are treated well the situation is more pathetic with offspring neglecting their responsibilities towards their old parents.Some migrate seeking greener pastures, some dispute with parents over property and misconceptions, some neglect on the excuse that they  have their own financial and family problems due to poverty,Some put mothers and fathers in elders' homes while they live comfortably abroad.
When will the off springs of the world understand that they have undeniable responsibility towards their parents at all  times specially at dotage.When will they under stand that these same parents once in their lives fulfilled responsibilities to bring them up touching every dirt without making them destitute,blind,crippled and retarded.When will they understand that one day they will have to pass this stage of dotage.Why don't they  understand that good begets good and bad begets bad,the universal truth.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mothers Of southeast Asia


When a child was born to a woman we say that women received the motherhood.Thereafter the newly born child calls her "mother",The husband calls her my child's mother, and the world recognizes her as a mother. That is the relationship or kinship automatically established.But is giving birth to a child enough for a woman to be called  a mother.  How many responsibilities are there for a women to be fulfilled before  calling her heroic  mother. How many  young mothers have understood this.How many have given up their responsibilities.There are enough instances where mothers have deserted their children. In such cases where has the love towards the children gone?

a mother who gave birth to ten children still living
at the age of 80. She was well backed up by the husband and
all the  children were well brought up and bequeathed
to society as good citizens.Had she been born in Russia
She would have been a heroic mother.
The mother has to breast feed the child until it is able to be fed on formula.I have heard mothers stopping breast feeding half way thinking ,that continuation would harm her beauty,thus depriving  the child of its right have mother's milk. This  way a mother has to do a lot of things to bring up the child such as caring when sick,sending to school to educate,teaching social norms and values,
and good habits, how to be patient, how to tolerate opposite ideas, how to behave before win and defeat, what behavior the society expects from them, their responsibilities towards parents, elders and siblings, taking them to places, when the right time comes finding a means of sustenance and finally giving them in marriage to suitable persons. Weather the father helps  the mother is another question but  in my opinion father should supply her with basic requirements and love should be in abundance within the family.

 But there are mothers in my country who are bringing up children bearing various difficulties. Some poor  mothers work hard as laborers on the roads, in the  fields and factories for mean wages. Some mothers have good  husbands, but some women's husbands  are total drunkards who beat wives  but they bear everything and look after, feed and educate their children well. I know some mothers who don't eat enough, don't wear well, don't take part in functions, don't enjoy life because of their  children. Their one and only motive is to educate the children and let them  have better future.They never expect anything in return.Her children are to her children  forever until she dies.May this article be a tribute to good mothers in the world. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016



Do you eat fish ? If you eat ,what do you prefer, is it small fish or big fish and why ?By eating fish what do you hope to get into your body.Is it nutrition or just eating satisfaction? In my country a lot of people eat fish. But it seems that most of them prefer big fish to small fish.For example If I bring small fish home, face of my wife goes sour. when I asked why, she said that she didn't like small fish because she had to do a lot of things to prepare it for cooking like removing scales, fins,gills,intestines of the fish and she said that it was time consuming and that couldn't be done with the  busy schedule of preparing for official duties and attending kids.Therefore she always insists on buying cut pieces of big fish that can be prepared for cooking very easily in no time .She further said that she knew the nutritional value of small fish.In such situations  as a beloved father I take the the business into my hands on behalf my child.


Though  I am presently  living in the city of my country I am a villager.I have seen a lot of fishmongers selling fish in boxes on their bikes in the village.Mostly they sell small fish. one day I asked one of them why he sells small fish only and is it because he knows the nutritional value of it.He said that he sold small fish because poor village housewives cant afford for big fish.According to him most of the village women don't know the nutritional value of it.He admitted that he himself didn't know the nutritional value and his only purpose was to earn a living by selling fish.


From these two stories I want to tell you that most of the people  haven't properly realized the   nutritional value of small fish. Small fish has a lot of micro nutrients that big fish doesn't have.Sprats, salmons, sardines and herrings are some of the small fish that we can buy in the market.They contain vitamin A,  iron, zinc, calcium, omega-3 fatty acid
they can be eaten whole with bones. When you eat small fish with bones you can get more calcium than when you eat big fish. Omega-3 fatty acid, as you know has the ability to lower the unhealthy cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks. So make it a habit to eat small fish to get more nutrients while eating big fish for your eating pleasure.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Kitul jaggery



Jaggery is a sweet made from palm sap and sugar cane molasses.Though this sweet is not much popular in western countries, it is much popular in south Asian countries like Sri Lanka and India.Jaggery making is a house hold industry of the rural areas of my country, Sri Lanka.This is an industry of the poor man. Because jaggery makers have to climb up tall palm trees (kithul) and tap the flowers to get the sap of it. It is from this sap they make jaggery.Climbing up tall Kitul trees is a dangerous activity. so every man doesn't venture this. But villagers who
have inherited the skill of tapping palms are engaged in this industry.In the absence of their husbands the wives of these villagers do the acting.They climb the palm trees thrice a day to tap and collect the sap. As the sap is to be used to make jaggery they obstruct its fermentation by putting some pieces of barks of the hal tree (vateria copallifera) into the vessel full of sap.


After collecting sufficient volume of kitul palm sap in clay pots, they, especially village women who are engaged in the industry, begin the process of making jaggery in their traditional kitchenettes.They pour the sap into clay woks, put them on hearths of fire woods heat it until it becomes thick syrup. It is then poured into moulds of coconut shells and let it cool.Next the solid jaggery is taken out of the coconut shells and wrapped in dried kenda (Macaranga peltata) leaves or banana leaves.

Kitul jeggery is a nice alternative for brown sugar.It is widely used in sri lanka to make sweetmeats such as watalappan. People like to have herbal drinks with a piece of jaggery.They
think that jaggery is good for diabetes patients.So you also should have a piece of jaggery or a sweetmeat made with it and taste the flavor and enjoy at least once in your life.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tea,tea leaves and caffeine in your tea


We can't find anybody in this world who hasn't tasted the flavor of a cup of tea.It is the second most consumed beverage on the planet.The flavor of this aromatic beverage differs according to the area it grows,climate,process of manufacture, maturity of the leaves and the verity. Some, especially black tea have bitter,grassy flavor.Moreover what I want to convey you is the benefits you get by drinking black tea.

Raw tea leaves


Tea contains a substance called caffeine.You can't see it in your cup of tea but a tiny amount of caffeine contains in it.If you can see it in isolation,you will see it as odorless,bitter, white,crystalline powder.when you drink your cup of black tea, you get caffeine into your body.This caffeine  has the ability to stimulate your central nervous system.The result of this stimulation brings you some favorable physical and mental benefits. About ten minutes after drinking your cup of black tea, your mental alertness increases. It reduces your fatigue and drowsiness making you temporarily active mentally and physically. It is a refreshing sensation.When you feel it good for you , next time you feel drowsy and tired you will seek the warmth of a cup of black tea definitely. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

steaming for common cold




We all have suffered from common cold irrespective of our age, sex, and place where we live.We all get infected with it, no matter whether we are poor, rich, pretty, handsome, fair or dark.The virus, causing common cold doesn't care about them.The most affected are the infants and young children.Especially at day care centers and schools where there is poor hygiene.Adults also get infected with it but not as frequently as children.When working adults get it, it is too embarrassing and miserable. The symptoms are cough, sore throat,runny nose,nasal congestions,head ache, and sneezing.We
adults can get an instant relief when inhale steam for a couple of minutes.


For this you want some boiling water,a bowl and a big thick towel. First pour the boiling water into a bowl.Keep the bowl on a firm table.cover your head with the towel. bend over the bowl containing boiling water. Inhale the steam taking in a big this for a few minutes until your nasal congestion is relieved.But maintain a distant of about 25 to 30 centimeters to make sure that heat doesn't harm your facial skin.

Sunday, December 27, 2015



Coconut tree is a palm tree.It is mainly grown in coastal areas of tropical countries. The fruit of that tree is called coconut.Coconut has many uses. Especially coconut oil and coconut  milk are used in preparing food throughout the world.Tender nuts or in my country's language "young coconut" has a refreshing drink in it.Almost no part of the coconut tree is left without taking its use.Coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut toddy, coconut vinegar, copra are some of the edible products that are made from coconut.

A husked coconut


People have been using coconut milk and coconut oil for centuries in preparing their food, especially curries. coconut oil and coconut milk provide a lot of energy. It is about 350 calories in 100 grams of coconut. They contain carbohydrates, sugar,dietary fiber,fat, protein,vitamins and minerals. some knowledgeable people say that coconut raises both types of cholesterol LDL and HDL. But in my country where coconut is widely used in cooking, doctors do not press healthy people too much on restriction of coconut usage.


In my country Sri Lanka,among all the delicacies, there is a traditional dish called coconut sambol. The word sambol is not an English word.There are various types of sombols. Usually when the ingredients like onion, chillies, salt, lime juice, are mixed together with the main ingredient such as coconut meat, somsbol is made. Coconut sambol is a very popular low cost,common man's food item widely consumed in breakfast in my country. Try the following recipe and see how delicious it is. 
a dish of coconut sambol


Finely grated coconut meat--------------------     500 grams
Peeled,washed and chopped red onion------     50 grams
Red chili powder------------------------------         2 tea spoon fulls
Salt powder--------------------------------------       2 tea spoon fulls
Lime juice-----------------------------------------     4 tablespoon fulls


Put the above ingredients in a bowl and mix them manually or with a spoon. ( your hand should be clean and well washed.)
Put the above ingredients into a mortar and pound them with a pestle until all are well mixed and take it out. (this is the traditional method) You may change the amount of ingredients a little bit less or more to your taste.


If you want to get a different flavor you may add the following ingredients too separately or in combination

Finely chopped maldive fish-----    50 grams
pepper powder---------------------    1 tea spoon full
Garlic--------------------------------    3 pods chopped  
Tomato------------------------------    100 grams.

Sunday, December 20, 2015



What is your staple food.Is it rice? If the answer is yes,what do you prefer, brown rice or white rice?There are a lot of things that you should know about rice if you consume it daily.How rice is made?,what is the procedure?,What nutrients are there in rice, what are the health benefits of eating rice, Are there toxic elements in it, Does eating rice bring you health problems are some of the confusing matters that you should know answers for. Eating rice knowing the answers to these queries is better than just eating it, as everyone does. 

 brown rice


Rice is a cereal grain. Cereal is a type of grass cultivated to reap its grain for food.Paddy plant or rice plant is such a cereal grass. The grain of that plant is called paddy.This paddy is threshed to make rice.When you look at a grain of paddy you can see a brown hard husk or outer covering. In the threshing process,  this husk is first removed. This removed husk is called chaff. This husk removed grain of paddy is called brown rice. In brown rice the next layer called the bran underneath the husk is not removed.The germ which is the reproductive part of the grain is also not removed.In white rice this bran and germ are both removed.Therefore brown rice contain two more nutritious parts than in white rice. It is the nutritional difference  between these two types.


Normally, it is considered that brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. That idea is not incorrect because as I have said earlier, brown rice contains bran and germ which white rice doesn't.

Brown rice contains a lot of energy, carbohydrates, sugar,fiber,protein, vitamins,and minerals.Except carbohydrates, sugar and fiber,other nutrients contain mostly in bran and germ. As the bran and germ are not removed in making brown rice,they are preserved in it.But in white rice, as the bran and the germ are removed it lacks these nutrients. Therefore eating brown rice brings you a lot of nutrition and thereby a lot of health benefits.

But the nutritional value of brown rice is now challenged to a certain extent with the detection of arsenic in it. When rice is grown in large scale for commercial purposes pesticides are used. these pesticides contain arsenic. This arsenic is absorbed by the rice plant and tends to accumulate more in bran and germ. Therefore the amount of arsenic in brown rice,(though trivial) is higher than white rice.What should rice eaters keep in their minds is that brown rice contain more arsenic than white rice which might bring you health hazards. As I have learned it may take years or a decade for arsenic in brown rice to bring you health hazards.The decision on what is to be eaten is yours. Consult your nutritionist before decisions.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Does an egg a day keep the doctor away?

Do you eat eggs in your diet? What is your idea about eating eggs? Do you think that eating eggs brings you health benefits? What nutrients do they contain ? It is not bad to know these things for your knowledge, as eggs are a popular food item throughout the world.
Though eggs are laid by female animals of birds like hens and fish and reptiles, not every kind of egg is eaten.The most popular and edible are the chicken eggs and duck's. Here I am talking about chicken eggs. Some like to eat chicken eggs and some refuses to eat because of religious reasons.How ever if there are people who have not tasted a delicacy prepared of eggs, it should be a very few people in this world.

Usually the eggs are of two colors. White eggs and brown eggs. Some prefer brown to white.
But color has nothing to do with nutrition.Whether white or brown eggs contain a lot of nutrients. some of them are protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. It contain a lot of energy.That is about 150 kilo calories in per hundred grammes of boiled whole chicken egg. Eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids that is needed for normal metabolism.


What  we see inside an egg as the clear liquid is called the egg white.Some call it albumin.Ninety
present of the egg white of a chicken egg contain water.Some other nutrients are dissolved in it.They are protein, some minerals,vitamins and glucose.It contains no fats. The carbohydrate content is very low and may be less than 1%.  Egg white is free of cholesterol , and contains energy of about 15 calories.You can separate egg white from yolk after boiling. Therefore eating egg white brings you a lot of nutrients and will not raise up the level of your bad cholesterol.


Usually the yolk of a chicken egg is yellow in color.It is in the center of the egg and surrounded
by the egg white.It is rich in protein, vitamin and minerals. Fats and cholesterol are also there in egg yolk. It contain a lot of energy too. It is about 315 kilo calories in one hundred grams of egg yolk. The people who are concerned of cholesterol should think twice whether they eat the yolk.You can separate egg yolk from egg white before and after boiling the egg. you should eat egg yolk considering your age and the doctors advice on your cholesterol level.

await more facts........

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Eating vegetables-- Raw or cooked


Vegetables,we talk here, are any part of plants that people eat as their food such as leaves, roots,bulbs,tubers,stems, buds,flowers,seeds and fruits. Nuts and cereal grains are not considered vegetables.Vegetables grown in tropical countries cannot be grown in cold countries. Therefore countries have to import vegetables for their consumption.But the new trend is to cultivate vegetables in protected environments such as greenhouses and hothouses. Vegetables that require cool climatic conditions to grow, are grown in greenhouses and vegetables that require warm climatic conditions to grow, are grown in hothouses.However vegetables are a great source of nutrition  without which human life is impossible on this planet.


Vegetables are a wealth of nutrients.They contain main nutrients such as,vitamins, carbohydrates , minerals ,protein , fat and fiber. Dietary fiber gives you a lot of advantages in the digestive system easing defecation. When soluble fiber is fermented in the colon, it produces healthful compounds. Insoluble fiber has the ability to increase the bulk, soften stool and it shortens the transit time of the food through the intestinal tract. On the other hand vegetables contain essential vitamins such as vitamin A, K and B 6.When the vegetables containing these vitamins and other nutrients are included in your diet,you can reduce the risk of having cancer, stroke, heart diseases and other chronic diseases.Next nutrient contained in the vegetable is dietary minerals.Some of them are calcium, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, phosphorus and magnesium. There are some other minor dietary minerals too.some of them are iron, iodine, zinc and etc.The functions of minerals vary from one mineral to another.for example calcium is important for healthy bones, teeth, blood clotting, and blood pressure regulation.Potassium helps proper fluid balance, phosphorus for healthy bones, teeth and etc.  


A lot of people  prefer eating raw vegetables.Some green leafy vegetables and some tubers, can be eaten raw.The most important thing when eating raw vegetables is hygiene.To limit contamination,   vegetables should be cleaned , washed and stored well.If not you will get gastrointestinal infections such as diarrhea and vomiting by eating them.It is better to eat vegetables containing vitamin C without cooking because heat destroys it. You can get high levels of beta carotene by eating vegetables raw. Your body is capable of converting it into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for your vision,reproduction, bone growth and regulating the immune system

Cooking and eating are interrelated.Therefore cooking is very important to our diets. When food is softened by cooking digestive  process becomes easy for the system and your body doesn't have to use much energy to digest.Cooking boosts up lycopene in tomatoes. Lycopene is considered, (though not still proved) , to have the cancer healing properties, Cooked vegetables such as carrot spinach cabbage have more antioxidant than eaten raw which is also considered (though still not proved) to have cancerous cells killing properties.
In conclusion what I can say from what I have studied is that both eating vegetables raw and cooked have their own health benefits and disadvantages.When cooked, while one property of the vegetable is lost , another is boosted up.When eaten raw while you have a chance to get the natural properties directly,you have the risk of contamination,Therefore the most important thing is to eat a considerable amount of vegetables in your diets daily and not the way you eat whether  cooked or raw.
The best person to know about your food is your medical doctor. So don't hesitate to consult him for your nutrition problems.


Sunday, November 29, 2015




What do you prefer warm water or cold water?Is it the personal choice that determine which is better?When you are in cool climate,may be you prefer warm  water.But when you are in hot climate you may long for cool water.When we lose water from our bodies through various ways,such as passing urine,sweating, vomiting and etc, we want to replenish them with water.If not, we will be dehydrated. Therefore what is, in fact ,more important is hydration,not the choice between warm or cold.But both warm and cold water have their own good and bad health benefits.


On some occasions drinking cold water can bring you instant relief. Cold water here I don't mean ice cold water.But somewhat cold,  potable water that don't harm your teeth and mild tissues of your mouth and tongue.When you work outside on a hot day and when you do your exercises, your body get heated. That means your body temperature rises. The mechanism used to cool down your body is sweating. Sweating is somewhat embarrassing. If you drink some cold water, it would be a big help for your body to come back to normal temperature soon.
On the other hand, drinking cold water while and after eating cannot be considered favorable for you digestive process, although it gives the drinker a refreshing sensation. Digestion and absorption function well in body temperature. When the system and the eaten food are cooled by the drunk cold water,the body has to use much energy to bring them back to required temperature. This condition may be unfavorable. 


Doctors always advise to drink water that is boiled and cooled.Cooled water here means cooled to the room temperature or a bit higher than that. This advice of doctors is great and a big help
for those who concerned about good health.Boiling water can eliminate pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungi and other microbes which cause diseases.The next point is that when you drink warm water,that warmth can activate your digestive system which in turn improves your digestion and absorption. Isn't it good for your health.Thirdly when you have headache,phlegm or cold, drinking warm water can act as a natural pain killer and an expectorant.It relieves nasal congestion, expel phlegm, kills pain.It is the general opinion that drinking warm water stops premature aging , eases the difficulty in passing out waste matter (constipation) and reduces excessive fat.
On the hand drinking too hot water is not good for your teeth, and it may damage the soft tissues of your mouth and esophagus, so be careful and manage the temperature of  your drinking water. Therefore it is up to you to decide which is better for you.My objective in posting this is to arouse your curiosity regarding what is best for you and for your health.The best answers for your health problems should be obtained from your medical doctor.


Friday, November 6, 2015

TEARS, basal tears, reflex tears,weeping tears, crocodile tears

We, as infants, children, youths, adults and olds have cried and wept and shed  tears enough throughout our lives over various matters,but have never bothered to understand the value of tears.Can somebody cry or weep without shedding tears? I have heard a lady, the other day telling that ladies like to shed tears in front of others and even stealthily to calm down their depressed minds. Another said me that they get a mental relief by shedding tears even for no reason.However,there is a lot of things that we should know about tears.Where is it produced? What contain in it?Is shedding tears good or bad?What benefits does it bring to the hygiene of the eye?

crocodile tears


Tear is a liquid produced by the lachrymal gland in our eyes.Basically,the function of tear is to protect your eyes.It lubricate your eye. It keeps your eye wet.It tries to keep your eye free of dust particles.I have learned that there are some types of tears and each kind is secreted in different situations.And each kind has its own functions and qualities.They are as follows.


The systems of the body always try to keep its organs healthy.As the eye is a very important organ the systems try to keep it healthy as well .As a result of this attempt ,the basal tears are secreted.No external stimuli are needed for this type of tears. Lachrymal gland in your eye often secretes this type. The basic function of this basal tears is to lubricate your eye and keep the eye wet that is needed for the proper function of it.Some chemicals in this type of tears have the potential to fight with microbes like bacteria,thus keeping the eye healthy.


Have you seen security sections spraying tear gas to disperse gatherings, have you inhaled union vapor, have you looked at bright light, have you eaten too hot food that irritate your tongue and mouth. In all these situations  and when you are yawning and coughing and when some foreign particles enter your eyes,your eye secrets tears.This type of tear is called reflex tears.The function of this type is to wash out the substances that entered and irritated your eye and set the eye come back to normal healthy condition.


When you have an unbearable physical pain, or somebody beloved is lost, or you are angry with somebody or you are suffering from something , you often weep over them and shed tears because they give you a mental stress.This kind of tear is called weeping tears or psychic tears.
I have learned that they have a pain killing quality that soothes your mind driving the mental pain away.So tears are not bad,let your dears and nears weep and shed tears when and where necessary because they give them mental relief.But ask them be moderate.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SWEATING ,sweat glands,deodorant and antiperspirants


Young or old,rich or poor,Asian or African,Everybody sweats. Some like that they sweat, thinking , if sweat enough,they are healthy. But some, especially youths don't like it and the odor associated with it in their normal life and especially in social occasions. It is embarrassing to them. They may think that it is an obstacle to their romance.They even try to find ways to stop sweating and its odor by applying things like deodorant.  Some consult doctors
 Why does it happen?Is it normal or something embarrassing?Is it a metabolic process? Can it become a threat to people's lives? What contain in sweat?Does age affect the process of sweating? What are factors that trigger sweating?Where in the body ,you sweat most? What are glands in the skin responsible for sweating? Knowing the answers to these questions would be beneficial for you to lead a healthy life and for  your day to day activities.


We should  not worry about sweating until it is excessive. It is a natural biological process happening in the normal healthy body of a man.Initially it is how a heated body cools itself. If you sweat excessively,it may be a cause of some bodily disorder and in such cases you should consult a medical doctor forthwith.


There are thousands and thousands of sweat glands in the skin of your body.They are situated everywhere in the body,especially in the arm pit,on feet and palms.When you walk in the sun ,when you do physical exercises and when you are  anxious and nervous, you sweat.Arm pits feet and palms are the places where you sweat most.


Normally it is not a threat.But if you sweat abnormally excessively it may become a threat to your life.  For example if you sweat excessively under your arms and on your back the wetness is visible on the clothes you wear,then it is embarrassing and become a threat on social occasions such as meeting people ,ceremonies,in business and in public places. When you drive if your palms are wet with sweat, it become a threat.If you sweat on your feet abnormally you can't use your footwear comfortably.In these situations you want to find a solution to them.It is advisable to seek the doctors instructions.


There are deodorants and antiperspirants  in the market.What are they? Do they fulfill your need of sweating problem.When sweat mixes with bacteria and dirt on your skin,it gives out a smell.This odor is embarrassing.Using deodorants and antiperspirants on the advice of doctors can control this bad body odor to a certain extent.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MILK AND ITS IMPORTANCE,how milk is produced,nutritional value of milk,


Are you the one who did not suck and taste milk as an infant from your mother? Can you find one such person in this world for me? What gave you the initial immune power that protected you from the risk of many diseases,just after you came into this world.What is the first nutrition given to human babies and other mammalian kids by their mothers when they were born to this world. Why do almost all the countries produce million and million tons of milk and milk products like cream,butter cheese yogurt, curd, and ice-cream? Why does almost every country rear cows goats and buffaloes in farms. The answer for all these is MILK , its nutrition, its importance and its value as a commodity. Milk is so important for the life of people ,that it has become as importance as air and water without which we can't live in this world today.


Milk is produced only in the mammary glands of mammals.These mammary glands are in the breasts of female humans and in the udders of other animals like cows, goats and buffaloes. When female mammals are pregnant these mammary glands get ready to produce milk.After delivering the babies lactation occurs in these glands.Primarily the milk produced in mammary
glands is for the feeding of offspring whom the mothers are going to give birth to.When offspring wean, the lactation stops and mammary glands turn normal and breasts also become normal to the pubertal state.


Normally milk contain protein,lactose sugar,fat and minerals.The amount differs from mammal to mammal.Lactation of milk, just prior to and after the delivery of babies, contain colostrum.It has a especial value than in normal milk.Usually colostrum is yellow compared to normal milk. The especiality in colostrum is that it carries mother's antibodies to protect the new born babies from diseases.Therefore mothers should not miss feeding it to their babies.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Laughter,how laughter is generated,laughter is the best medicine, two funny stories



Have you ever thought about laughter.Why is it granted to man? Why do some laugh and others not?Do those who smile and laugh think that it is beneficial for them or do they just laugh without knowing the meaning? Do most of those who don't laugh think that laughing with others is a shame or insult to them?If it is beneficial what are the benefits? Laughter is a physical response or reaction to a stimulus. What are these stimuli that generate laughter?Who laugh more,male or female? Do culture,age, language, education and gender play roles in generating laughter in humans in given situations?Is laughter contagious and infectious?This is what I have learned.You may know more.If so make me aware. 


Laughter is generated in various ways.A generator is needed for this.This generator is scientifically called a stimulus. It can be an internal or external stimulus.Tickle is an internal stimulus.When someone tickles you,that is touches or strokes you lightly, it produces laughter.
When you listen to a humorous story and if it is strong enough to stimulate you, then the laughter is produced.That is an external stimulus.When you hear a big sound of laughter around you, your mind ask you to seek for it and join it,and you too laugh. Sometimes hearing alone is enough to generate laughter in you.That is why people say laughter is contagious and infectious. Following is a couple of stories that can generate laughter, read and see whether you would be stimulated.


Banda was a village lad working in the household of old Mrs.Roslin.He was a total idiot.One day Mrs. Roslin sent him for a twenty five kilogram bag of rice and fellow came back, carrying it on his head.On the way, the bag of rice had torn,falling everything all along the road.Having seen the incident and got angry, Mrs. Roslin cried "Oh Banda you fool what did you do! My money! Why didn't you hire at least a hand -cart to bring the bag of rice? As Banda apologized for the mistake and promised not to repeat such things again and she being sympathetic, Mrs. Roslin furthered him as her servant,tolerating the loss.
Next day, Mrs. Roslin sent him to bring a kilogram of lentil and this time he bought it safely in a cart he had hired,forcing Mrs.Roslin to pay the the fee for the hire.


People say"laughter is the best medicine" It is not just a saying.There is very important message in it.When we are sick we go to doctors spending our money and time seeking relief.But for this magnificent,universal medicine, you don't want to pay.It is free,fun and easy to use.Laughter makes many favorable changes in your body.When you laugh,doctors say,the inside lining of your blood vessels expands and there by increase the blood flow.When we have a good blood flow our body organs and systems function well giving us a good feeling.Next it reduces the amount of stress hormones that leads to diminish stress and tension in your body and mind.Thirdly, when you laugh, your brain releases a biochemical called Endorphins.The function of this is to hinder the transmission of pain signals.So when you laugh it acts as a pain killer.Lastly,when you laugh  it can raise antibody producing cells, and thereby your immune system can be strengthened.  when you have a strong immune system you will not fall sick easily.So what do you say take it or leave it.


One day a lover went to his girl friends house to talk to her father directly about the marriage.The father who did not like the fellow said
" I don't like to keep her with a donkey like you!
Then the youth replied
"Yes dad,that's why I came here to meet you."


According to my opinion,we can have many social benefits from laughter and humor as well as health benefits.It can join people together , make new relationships.Let's take my workplace for example.When I went to this workplace anew I had few friends,I talked about funny things with one whom I thought to be a good fit as friend.Our funny talks brought us laughter.Soon many joined us. We laugh on the way to the workplace in the train,at tea break and at lunch time.All got together because of the laughter produced by funny  talks shared among us.We were very careful not to neglect our duties.Our relationships strengthened.We work as a team.Our official duties too became successful due to this unofficial laughing society.Among us we don't have conflicts.Conflicts have been defused by laughter.When today's work is over,We are eagerly looking forward to meet tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sleep,what happen during sleep,NREM sleep,REM sleep,sleep walking


SLEEP IN THE NIGHT.(William Blake)

We sleep daily. Animals also sleep. Do plant sleep? I think no, because plants do not have a central nervous system as in people and animals.Let's talk about  sleep in humans. We people, sleep and sleep and sleep from night to morning and even at day time without thinking what it is,what health benefits it gives and how to manage it for the sake of our wellbeing.Is just sleeping only, enough for an intelligent human,than understanding something important about it ?  It is not bad to know how much sleep does an individual need ,what biological process are taking place in our bodies during sleep,when best to go to bed and when best to awake, what REM (rapid eye movement sleep)and NREM (non rapid eye movement sleeps) are ? Why some sleep well and some don't.  Are there sleep disorders? Do you know you are free of sleeping disorders?
Suppose your lifespan is 60 years.That is ,you live 518400 hours. (60*12*30*24=518400). Further suppose you sleep at least 6 hours a day.That means you sleep 129600 hours during your sixty year life time.(6*30*12*60= 129600).129600 hours is 15 years.(129600/24/30/12=15).See,it's wonderful,out of your 60 year life time you sleep 15 years.That means you sleep one fourth of your life.What do you think ,is that 15 years of sleep worth or in vain ? In my opinion that 15 years of sleep is the main contributer which makes the other 45 years of your life healthy wealthy and wise and a great success.You have not consumed it in vain.If you read on this article you will understand what happen in side your body during sleep.

what happen during sleep

You work and work and work,sometimes not only at day time but also at night.During work ,whether day or night, our body and mind get tired and exhausted.Systems like immune system gets weakened.Then you can't continue work. As a result your body demands rest and sleep.Rest is not enough. you want a deep sound sleep. During this deep sound sleep very important anabolic activities take place in the body.That is building up of the worn out immune ,nervous,skeletal and muscular systems. Your mind which gets messed up during days work will be cleared up and restored in the sleep. If you do not get enough rest and sleep, you will not be able to wake up afresh next morning. Therefore you should consider sleeping as a vital process without which you can't lead a healthy life. So is sleeping worth or in vain ? 


There are two types of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM) and Non Rapid Eye Movement sleep ( NREM ).When you sleep you go through both of these two types.You start with NREM
and then step up to the second phase,REM. Sometimes you wake up before going to the second phase or somebody  may wake you up before stepping up to  the second.However both have interesting things to know.


You start with this.Scientists divide it into three phases. In the first phase your eyes are seem to be in between waking and sleep.One can wake you up easily you are not worried much about waking up in this phase.This phase lasts about five to ten minutes.
Then comes the second phase where you go to a light sleep.  It is said that in this phase your heart rate slows down and your body temperature decreases a bit.And at the end of this stage you are  ready to go to a deep sleep.The third phase is the deep sleep stage where one can't wake you up easily.And when somebody however wakes you up ,you will get a few minutes to become normal and you may meanwhile utter some blurred words and behave oddly.In this third stage or deep sleep stage very important anabolic activities take place within the body.Worn out body repairs,tissues regrow,bones build,immune system strengthens.


The second type of sleep is REM sleep. It means Rapid Eye Movement sleep. It is said that, in the rapid eye movement sleep,as the name implies, your eyes move quickly in different directions. In
the NREM sleep such movement of eyes doesn't occur.You get into REM sleep after passing the three stages of NREM sleep. that is about  ninety minutes  after you start your sleep. When you are in REM  sleep you dream vividly. You get more bodily movements.It is learned that faster breathing and faster pulse occur during REM.


Have you seen people walking in sleep? I remember  my grand father relating a story about a  sleep walker who was a relative of him.  According to him the sleep walker gets up from his sleep in the midnight, unlocks the door and walks in the garden until he treads on water or crosses a waterway.As soon as the sleep walker touches water he wakes up from his sleep and screams in fear till someone hears his cry and comes to help. He said that  he placed a gunny bag soaked in water near the door where he slept, for the walker to touch and wake up and thereby prevent him from sleep walking.

However the story, sleep walking is a sleep disorder. It is also called somnambulism.In this disorder the walker not only walks in sleep but also tries to do some works like combing hair ,waring clothes and arranging bed as he is in full consciousness.
The danger for the sleep walker lies in the performance of hazardous activities like plugging in irons, switching on gas cookers and trying to cut vegetables. Some even tend to do hallucinate activities.

According to scientists sleep walking occurs in the third stage of NREM sleep when the sleeper is in low consciousness,when walk in sleep, his eyes are open but facial expression is not normal. According to doctors immaturity in the central nervous system in childhood, alcohol, excessive tiredness, fever, are some causes for sleep walking. Sleep walking usually lasts from thirty seconds to a half an hour or so. This little time is enough for some thing dangerous to happen. So we should be vigilant , if there is someone who walks in sleep around us or in our households. There are medical treatments for sleep walking ,so we should not hesitate to consult doctors in such cases.

Thursday, September 3, 2015



Life on the earth is impossible without water. Water is an essential factor for all forms of life on the Earth.Humans, animals,birds,fish, trees , plants and microbes.That means the basis for the life is water. Modern scientific knowledge has not so far been capable of detecting any other planet having water in the universe other than the Earth. The only planet where water is in abundance for the existences of living being is the Earth. How lucky we are ? But,do we think about water in its real and total importance ? Is it enough to think about it for drinking ,washing, bathing and cleaning ? Why are not we mindful about potability , usability , preserving , conserving and even wasting and polluting it.Are we doing our return duty to the nature that gave us this invaluable resource as she did her part ? So we , the people should think more about it than today, so as not to put it into a crisis in the future.As you got life from it you should let others to get life from it.


Water is very important for the health of man.The general opinion is that two third of the total body weight of an average man is constituted by water. Your body will not function well if it lacks water.In the digestive process it functions as an lubricant in the digestive track and as a solvent in the absorption process. Although we can live a couple of days without food we can't live a day without water.The water leaves your body regularly with your knowledge as urine and sweat,and without your knowledge as vapor when you exhale and as vapor from your skin.Thus, if the loss of water exceeds the intake of water you may become dehydrated. When you are dehydrated you would feel a severe thirst , your mouth lips and tongue would become dry,you would feel a weakness,dizziness and you may even faint.If the dehydration is severe it may even bring you death.Therefore if you really concern about your health drink as much water as your body needs.An average man should usually drink about two liters of water a day.

A bit of science about water

It is not bad to know,scientifically, a little about water. when analyzed it chemically, we can see that water contains two different atoms. They are hydrogen and oxygen.Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom  are connected together by hydrogen bonds.Then it is called a molecule of water.When thousands and thousands of such molecules are bonded together, the mass of water is formed. It is a liquid at atmospheric temperature and pressure. It exists in all three forms solid (ice)  liquid (water) and gas (vapor).When water is in its purest form, It is colorless, tasteless and odorless.

water cycle
The amount of water on the Earth,as I have learned on my school days is a constant. You can see it in different places like oceans, seas, rivers and lakes and  in different forms like liquid solid and gas.Water doesn't remain in one place. It always moves.Round and round.The water you see today in your glass at home will be in the air or in a cloud in the sky tomorrow.It goes but you can't see it going.This circular movement of water
can be put in other words as water cycle.Let's explain it a little bit scientifically.

Friday, August 28, 2015




People very rarely think why they have eyes,what science is there to know, should they deliberately protect their eyes, how should they protect their eyes,they have a good eye sight or it is weak, who should decide if their eye sight is good or bad,what safety measures should be taken to protect their eyes,should they always  make-up to beautify their eyes.But rather than thinking about their eyes,they use them since birth without care and without rest.There eyes are opened only when something terrible happened.Only a handful of educated and intelligent people are deliberately careful of them. It is a pathetic situation.


What is the meaning of our life if we don't have eyes that can see with? Can we distinguish light from darkness? Can we see each other-our dears and nears?  Can we see the colorful world and its natural beauty? Think a little ,how lucky the man is! Having a good eye sight is a merit you have accumulated in the previous birth.some people can't see at all,they are blind.some can see a little. Their eye sight is weak.Some are color blind,they can't see colors like red and blue.Why?? Why some can and some can't ?There should be a reason.The reason according to Buddhism is Karma.  that is the universal truth "good begets good and bad begets bad". 
Eyes are the organs with which we see light,shapes colors and movements. They send what they see to the brain as electro chemical signals through optical nerve for processing, so the brain knows what is near and far to you and what is happening around you.
Thus we are gifted with eyes to see the world, to understand good and bad of it, to protect yourself and others,to be happy by looking at beautiful things.therefore we should use them for good and not for bad.


Your eyes are a vital part of your body. Your eyes are as vital as your heart and brain.They should be kept healthy. Don't be ignorant and negligent of the health of your eyes. You alone can't decide if you see your best.You should consult your  eye doctor (ophthalmologist). Following are some eye health tips given by doctors that you should keep in your mind.

 1. Present yourself for an eye test.Let your ophthalmologist decide if you have a good eye sight.
 2. Better to know the eye health history of your family. some eye problems come down to you from        your past family members.
 3.  Have nutritious  food containing vitamin A and C and fish containing omega 3 fatty acid.
    colorful fruits,vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes,spinach,brownrice,chickenliver,beef,eggs,and     buttermilk) 
 4. If you are over weight and obese that condition may lead to diabetes.Such patient are more                  prone to glaucoma ( vision loss )     Therefore better maintain your body weight.
 5. Use protective eye ware when at hard work like carpentry,masonry, welding and  building                  industry.
 6. Stop smoking, doctors say that it may be a good cause to cataract.
 7.  Protect your eyes from ultra violet rays .Wear shaded glasses as suitable.
 8. If you work long hours looking at things like computers give your eyes a rest.
 9. Wash your hands and your contact lenses before waring them.
10. Don't put anything into your eyes like drops at your discretion without the advice of your  doctor. 


Following are the common eye shapes introduced by beauticians.If you make up your eyes, lashes and lids ,it is good to know the shape of your eyes.check and see if they are correct.

  1. Monolid eyes (if eye lid does not have a crease )
  2. Up turned eyes
  3. Down turned eyes
  4. Hooded eye (crease hidden when wide open)
  5. Round eyes (common type )
  6. Almond eyes (common type)
  7. Close set eyes
  8. Wide set eyes
  9. Deep set eyes
  10. Protruding eyes
  11. Small eyes
  12. Large eyes

Following are some secrets expressed by eyes as believed by people in most eastern countries.But they are not tested and proved.Just go through them and enjoy reading.

1. If a lady has deep set eyes she is said to be rude and cruel.If such a ladies' eyes are red she is even       compelled to harm her husband for her sake.
2. If the baby of the eye of a lady is bright black and the corners of her eyes are red she is considered     to be very lucky and she is destined to have a kind husband
3.She who has criss-cross hair on eye lash is believed to have mean thoughts and lives lonely and          sadly.
4.If a ladies'eyes are blue, she is very much loved by his husband,she is very lucky and she lives very     happily.
5.If a lady has up-turned eyes she always tries to over power others and always tries to pursue her          own ideas only.
6.If a lady has black scars around her eyes she gets every luxury but she always weeps in mind for no    reasons.
7.If a woman has narrow eyes she is always sociable and well accepted in the society.She becomes        popular in aesthetic activities. She has a modal character. She is  destined to have a noble and              respectable husband.
8.She who has round eyes  is more emotional than wise.
9.If the red veins are visible in the eye of a lady , she is said to be living under mental pressure.She        tends to get her married life messed. The society despises her.
10. If a ladies' eyes become small when she smiles , she considered to be selfish and she has hidden           secrets. She is skillful in cheating others and she is clever in leaning various disciplines.