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Monday, November 7, 2016

Crocodile Tears

Crocodile tears

We shed tears when we have an unbearable sorrow and pain in our hearts and in the body.That sorrow or pain comes from the bottom of our hearts.In such cases, the tears shed are true tears.It shows your true consciences.But crocodile tears are not such true tears.It shows the superficial sympathy towards others in distress.It is false, fake and insincere.

  In my country, when people died the close relations wept at the funeral house in front of the coffin unable to bear the sorrow. When people visited the funeral house to pay the last respect for the deceased, one could hear more weeping of the relatives. More weeping and lamenting was a mirror that reflected how much of love and affection they  had had towards the deceased. If lamenting and weeping were not to be seen it reflected otherwise. This type of situation prevailed in my country about half a century ago especially among poor people. But educated wealthy people did not weep as poor people did. Instead , there  went the rumor that they hired weeping groups that were not relatives and advised them what to utter while weeping. So they shed tears uttering sorrowful laments, got their wages and went.but tears shed were not true tears but crocodile tears.

It is the ancient belief that crocodiles shed tears while eating their pray because of the sympathy towards the victim.That is how the term "crocodile tears" came into being.The victim might be a man or an animal.The ancient people might have seen crocodiles shed tears while eating.So they might have been compelled to believe it so.
 But what actually happens is that the secretion of tears in the eyes of crocodiles is triggered by eating.It is spontaneous and natural.So when they eat, tears begin to flow.On the other hand,we all know that crocodiles are amphibians.when they get on to land and when they have been out of water for a considerable time, their eyes tend to dry out.To keep their eyes wet, tears automatically secret. Misunderstanding these two ,ancient people might have thought that crocodiles shed tears being sympathetic towards their victims while eating  the same.
It is very difficult to differentiate between these two even today.

Friday, November 6, 2015

TEARS, basal tears, reflex tears,weeping tears, crocodile tears

We, as infants, children, youths, adults and olds have cried and wept and shed  tears enough throughout our lives over various matters,but have never bothered to understand the value of tears.Can somebody cry or weep without shedding tears? I have heard a lady, the other day telling that ladies like to shed tears in front of others and even stealthily to calm down their depressed minds. Another said me that they get a mental relief by shedding tears even for no reason.However,there is a lot of things that we should know about tears.Where is it produced? What contain in it?Is shedding tears good or bad?What benefits does it bring to the hygiene of the eye?

crocodile tears


Tear is a liquid produced by the lachrymal gland in our eyes.Basically,the function of tear is to protect your eyes.It lubricate your eye. It keeps your eye wet.It tries to keep your eye free of dust particles.I have learned that there are some types of tears and each kind is secreted in different situations.And each kind has its own functions and qualities.They are as follows.


The systems of the body always try to keep its organs healthy.As the eye is a very important organ the systems try to keep it healthy as well .As a result of this attempt ,the basal tears are secreted.No external stimuli are needed for this type of tears. Lachrymal gland in your eye often secretes this type. The basic function of this basal tears is to lubricate your eye and keep the eye wet that is needed for the proper function of it.Some chemicals in this type of tears have the potential to fight with microbes like bacteria,thus keeping the eye healthy.


Have you seen security sections spraying tear gas to disperse gatherings, have you inhaled union vapor, have you looked at bright light, have you eaten too hot food that irritate your tongue and mouth. In all these situations  and when you are yawning and coughing and when some foreign particles enter your eyes,your eye secrets tears.This type of tear is called reflex tears.The function of this type is to wash out the substances that entered and irritated your eye and set the eye come back to normal healthy condition.


When you have an unbearable physical pain, or somebody beloved is lost, or you are angry with somebody or you are suffering from something , you often weep over them and shed tears because they give you a mental stress.This kind of tear is called weeping tears or psychic tears.
I have learned that they have a pain killing quality that soothes your mind driving the mental pain away.So tears are not bad,let your dears and nears weep and shed tears when and where necessary because they give them mental relief.But ask them be moderate.